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Security consulting services

Our philosophy


No security measure can absolutely guarantee the safety of your home or business. However, even if a performing alarm system cannot always prevent unauthorised entry, the sound of the siren will limit damages by usually scarring away the burglar. It is therefore imperative that your security device is properly designed so that it can detect the presence of an intruder as early as possible.


Our tailor-made security solutions


A basic security system usually consits of the following accessories: motion detectors, magnetic contacts to protect doors and windows, a control panel, a keypad, an inside and outside siren.


You can rely on our expertise for a solution customized to your needs.


One of our flagship products is early detection by the use of a range of external sensors, so as to prevent the actual break-in.


The installation of the alarm system is handled by our professionally accredited partners, all of whom are certified by INCERT (a quality mark for product and services related to electronic protection against break-ins).

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